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Business culture and modern management are relatively new concepts in Armenia, and while large organizations can afford advanced HR systems and technologies, small and medium enterprises, especially those in service industries (e.g. tourism, healthcare, real estate and other) are often unable to achieve the desired results and success due to a lack of efficient and effective HR management tools.

Quite often we hear about companies reporting challenges with recruitment of a quality workforce and/or facing difficulties in retaining good employees. There are others who would like to improve and advance the potential of their workforce but lack the knowledge and skills to do so. These challenges, however, are not new and are usually typical to any company around the globe, but they are felt more acutely in Armenia. There are also frequent complaints in regards to the low quality of customer service in Armenia.

It was the acknowledgement of these problems as well as our extensive experience in HR Management and Development that inspired us to establish a company that will help local organizations adopt a systematic approach to HR Management. Our goal is to contribute to the betterment of the working environment of Armenia's businesses by introducing and applying HR and Personnel Management best practices. After thorough research and analysis of the current situation, we have come to a realization that importing Western practices and experience alone was not enough to succeed, and that maximum customization and adaptation to the local mentality, cultural peculiarities and the Armenian reality are needed.

It is our pleasure to announce that we at ProService-L have a solid foundation of consulting, educational and training programs and outstanding specialists! We are ready to offer a wide variety of services about which you can learn in more detail on our website!

Thank you and best wishes,

Lilit Hakobyan
Founding Director, CIPD Assoc

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