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Official Partnership between Proservice-L and Seaside Startup Summit
In the framework of cooperation between Proservice-L LLC and Startup Armenia Foundation a Volunteer Orientation Program was developed and conducted. The modular program is now part of the Seaside Startup Summit event platform being organized in Armenia, India and the United Arab Emirates.

“Skills and Competencies” published by, 11.07.2018, Author: Lilit Hakobyan, Proservice- L
The article deals with the importance of the right decisions in regards to professional orientation in general and the skills and competencies in the modern labour market in particular. A particular reference is made to making Vocational Education and Training in Armenia more effective by creating stronger and more efficient links with the businesses, which in turn is possible by having sound HR strategies and enabling supporting mechanisms at the individual company level. (The article is in Armenian and can be translated upon request!)

06.07.2018, "Business Armenia"

Proservice-L LLC is among the 7 organizations to join Business Armenia’s Business Support Club. More ...

About Human Resources Management Automation
The field of HR Management has seen significant development in the recent decade and has transformed its role of hiring and other administrative transactions to assume a more encompassing role of a Business’ partner. During this dynamic process the HR transactions and processes, methods and approaches too have evolved and improved.
HR Automation has become instrumental in meeting the needs and supporting the progress of this evolvement and has given a competitive edge to organizations adopting relevant HR Technologies. HR Automation boosts effectiveness of HR processes by reducing the time and cost, and thus allowing the organizations to redirect their ‘freed” resources to more strategic goals. HR Technologies also improve the communication between staff and management, making it more transparent, measurable and efficient.

The positive effects of HR Automation are particularly tangible in such processes and procedures as
    - Recruitment, including hiring and onboarding
    - Performance management and evaluation
    - Career development and staff trainings
    - Motivation, compensation and benefits
    - Employee data and analysis
    - Etc

To learn more about our services in the area of HR processes optimization and automation, visit the following page on our website: Human Resources Management (HRM) Automation

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